“Hardcore Construction and Equipment” LLC was established in 2018. Our company cooperates with government agencies and private companies.

Our services mainly concentrated on construction works, rental of all types of special equipment, construction and digging, construction and dismantling, drilling and laying of quarries, road construction.

HCE has an internal control system that meets the latest corporate culture, highest standards of management and quality of construction processes.

The principle of our company is to ensure that all the projects ordered are executed in accordance with modern international and local standards, ensure that customers save time and financial resources, and to become of the most trusted and leading player in the construction sector.

The results that we have reached throughout our activities have been highly valued by evaluating companies. All projects are prepared and implemented in accordance with the technical precision, and that is one of our top priorities in the current market.

Our goal is to create high-quality, comfortable and safe buildings using the latest technology. One of the key principles of our company is to expand the range of activities that will enable us to open new jobs. We appreciate partnership relations for the implementation of new projects and are always ready for business cooperation.